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A personal website like a champion A big archive to upload video of played matches Statistics ad infographic of performances always updates and collected match by match A photographic archive to upload best pictures of your matches career More Details


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Proporre i giovani talenti in tutto il mondo Monitoring players performances Gestire i profili dei calciatori assistiti da proporre a Club professionistici Extend te search radius to the world thanks to TalentPLAYERS database More Details


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Monitor the progress of their players Manage the organisation of individual teams Finding new talents to strengthen the staff and improve the performance of their teams Raise their profile and open the doors for their members to the world of football professionals More Details


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Sei Agente o Scout accreditato presso un club professionistico e vuoi utilizzare TalentPLAYERS per monitorare giovani talenti in giro per il mondo? Richiedi l'accesso gratuito alla piattaforma, potrai utilizzarlo per 12 mesi senza alcun costo.
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Are you a club, an Academy or a Football School and want to monitor the performances of your young players with a professional and innovative tool? Ask for free access to the platform, you can use it for 12 months at no cost.

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