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How long does the subscription last?

The subscription is yearly and is paid monthly. You can subscribe or delete your subscription in accordance with the "Terms and Conditions"

Do invitation codes give me a right to a discount?

No, every time an invitation code is activated, your subscription will be extended for a free extra month.

How do I get my invitation code?

If you subscribe to an annual subscription plan you will automatically receive your personal code, which will allow you to invite up to five friends to sign up. For every friend who signs up with your code, you will get a free month, which will be added to your subscription plan.

What if I do not pay a month?

The payment system is automatic, each month you will be charged the amount you will receive on your credit or debit card. If for any reason payment is withheld, you will receive daily notifications for 7 days after the expiration, after which your account will be deleted.